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Gorkhali Collection

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Bahadur Readymade Centre

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B & Brothers

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Dibyaswori Store

Fuel International


Aan Collection

Outside the Valley

New Looks

Unique Fashion Wear

Narayan Emporioum

Friends Fashion Wear

Shree Young Choice

The Knot

Rasta House

Oasis Clothing Store

Real Uniqlo

Wave Fashion Wear

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New Pinch Fashion Wear

B B Trade Centre

Friends Fashion Wear

Friends Collection

P U Collection


Our Shop

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New Fashion Forever

Youngkers UFO

Your Door


Bus Stop

A One Readymade

Golbazaar Complex

Vaisnabi Fancy Store

Seven Brothers

Orchid Clothing Store

Empire Fashion Yard

New Pinch

Fuel The Fashion

Century 21

T Max Shopping Centre


New Rahul Fancy

S & S Fashion Wear

Rahul Fancy

Friends Wear House

Amar Aananda

Millenium Fashion House

B & B Shopping Centre

A One Shoe Supplier


Royal Fashion

Karnali Mall

Upahar Trade Centre

Chhinchu Shopping Centre

Hinu Shopping Centre


Yours Fashion

TST Collection

Lady Bird World

Season Walk

New Plaza

All Age Fashion Collection

Brand Boy